www.acura-legend.com  Devoted to Acura’s classic

www.audiworld.com  Ultimate site for Audi fans; I visit regularly 

www.bimmerforums.com This one is for the BMW lover

www.blueovalnews.com  Loads of info on anything Ford related

www.brickboard.com  Volvo enthusiasts here

www.celicas.org  Everything for the Toyota Celica owner

www.chevroletforum.com  Bet you find your favorite Chevy here

www.clublexus.com  User-friendly site for the Lexus owner

www.clubsi.com   If you love the Honda Civic Si check this out

www.corvetteforum.com  The name says it all

www.cx30forum.com  Your CX-30 source

www.cx30talk.com  Community for Mazda CX-30 lovers

www.focaljet.com  Dedicated to the Ford Focus

www.fordforum.com  Enthusiast forum for Ford owners

www.honda-acura.net  You’ll find every model of Honda & Acura here

www.integraforums.com  The name says it all

www.integratalk.com  Integra Owner’s resource

www.jaguarforums.com  All things Jaguar

www.maxima.org  The home for Nissan Maxima enthusiasts

www.mbworld.org  The Mercedes Benz devotees

www.mkiv.com  This one’s for the 4th generation Toyota Supra

www.mr2.com/ToyotaMR2.html  International MR2 owner’s club

www.rx7club.com  For fans of the Mazda RX7

www.saabnet.com  All things Saab

www.se-r.net  Sentra SE-R, 200SX SER, NX2000 & Infiniti G20

www.subaru.net  Good site for everything Subaru

www.swedespeed.com  Volvo fans

www.vtec.net   This covers any Honda model with the VTEC engine 

www.vwvortex.com   Ultimate for VW fans, some Audi content

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